o_o 3:01 PM 9/9/2009

Another update omg!

Got the Traditional gallery page up! Still need that link from the main page. X3 Will do that after teaching. o_____o

Updating again! 3:10 PM 9/8/2009

Wow, two updates in the same amount of days! :O AMAZING. I hope to keep this up. X3

I made a gallery page, finally! No link from the main page yet, except in this post. I'll do that next I guess. The 2d Digital page is up and running, but so far that's the only one. Expect to see more soon!

Updating 4:58 PM 9/7/2009

I really should update this more often than twice a year. :X Oops.

So. I guess there's not much to say at the moment except that I've closed commissions indefinitely for now. There's just been too much stuff going on personally to work on these, and I don't think it's fair to my commissioners to not do a good job on them. I'll open again one day when I've felt better about things. Sorry!

More updates can be found at my LJ, my DA, or my FA.